Morgan Wiseman can help assist with the international movement of people, whether it is to study, visit, work or reside.

Our Services

Here are some of the most frequently requested services - this is by no means an exhaustive list, if you have a specific requirement please get in touch:
  • UK Work Visas
  • Investment Visas (including US Business Visas)
  • Family of British Citizens & Settled Persons
  • EU Law Applications
  • Long Residence Applications
  • UK Student Visas
  • Asylum & Humanitarian Protection
  • British Citizenship
  • UK Visitor Visa
  • Passport & Travel Document Applications
  • Immigration Appeals & Admin Review
  • Judicial Reviews (JRs) In The Upper Tribunal
  • Private and family life applications
  • Injunction against removal direction
  • Deportation order revocation
The work involved includes face to face consultation; preparation and submission of application, and carrying out all necessary work up to the conclusion of the case.

Time Scales

Time scales of each application vary depending on the Home Office making a decision. A decision can take longer than 6 months depending on the individual circumstance of the case.

The time scale for appeal matters can vary depending on when hearing dates are issued by the Court.

Our Fees


European Applications

    1. Settled Status - £500 plus VAT
    2. Pre Settled Status - £500 plus VAT
    3. Other EEA applications (including FM/EFM/PR) -£1500 plus VAT

Nationality Applications

      1. Form AN  -£950 plus VAT
      2. Child Registration £750 plus VAT

Leave to Remain Applications

    1. Including FP/O/M - £1250 plus VAT
    2. Fee waiver applications - £500 plus VAT

Settlement Applications

    1. SET M - £1250 plus VAT
    2. Other settlement applications (including but not limited to O/LR/DV) - £1350 plus VAT – depending on circumstances of case, this can increase

Entry Clearance Applications

    1. Spouse Applications - £1250 plus VAT
    2. Children Applications - £1250 plus VAT
    3. EEA Family permits - £750 plus VAT
    4. Other applications - £750 – 1250 plus VAT

Point Based Applications

    1. Tier 1 Entrepreneur £2,500.00 plus VAT
    2. Tier 2 - £1500 plus VAT
    3. Tier 2 Dependants £1000 plus VAT
    4. Sponsor License applications £2000 plus VAT
    5. Tier 4 – Student £850 plus VAT
    6. Other applications £750-£1500 plus VAT

Judicial Review Applications / Administrative Reviews

    1. £2000 plus VAT depending on complexity of the case
    2. Renewal Hearing applications - £1000 plus VAT


    1. In-country Appeals –

                                 i.      Asylum £1500 plus VAT
                               ii.      EEA Appeals - £1500-£2500 plus VAT depending on complexity of case
                             iii.      Leave to remain appeals - £1500 plus VAT depending on complexities of case
                             iv.      Other appeals including but not limited to settlement £1500 plus VAT

    1. Administrative Review - £500 plus VAT
    2. Entry Clearance Review - £500 plus VAT
    3. Entry clearance Appeals - £1500 plus VAT
    4. Appeals to First Tier Tribunals - £1000 plus VAT - can increase due to complexities
    5. Appeals to Upper Tribunal £1000 plus VAT – can increase due to complexities

Detention cases

    1. Bail Applications and 1 other application whilst in detention - £1500 plus VAT
    2. Bail application and hearing advocacy - £1250 plus VAT
    3. Legal Visits £500 plus VAT


    1. Initial Claim - £1500 plus VAT
    2. Fresh Claims  - £1500 plus VAT
    3. Asylum interview attendance - £500 plus VAT


  1. Advice on immigration matters are charged at an hourly rate of £175.00 plus VAT.


  • Please note VAT is currently charged at 20%


  • The above fees do not cover any disbursements. They cover legal fees which are subject to change depending upon the circumstances of each case and any complexities which may arise during the course of your case.


  • Each quote includes but is not limited to an initial consultation, minimum of two additional consultations (if required) and preparation and submission of application – all other work and fees will be confirmed upon instruction. You will be informed in advance if additional work is required and fees need to be reviewed.


  • All fees are to be agreed in advance, on a case by case basis. Any discounts to fees need to be agreed by the Head of Immigration, in advance if applicable.


  • Possible disbursements include Home Office fees, Court fees and Counsel fees. The pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the fees of the independent organisation. Please refer to the Gov website for updated Home Office fees.


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